How PSA campaign encourages the police force and public?


The national police association announced their latest TV public service announcement stating that they have organized their first educational campaign to inform the dangers of fleeing, fighting or refusing to comply with the lawful orders of the police officers. Also they have introduced a new kind of system called complain later and comply now where this made the public to assist in the reduction of the police officers in the use of force just by cooperating with the lawful orders.

Public can help the police officers to prevent the use of force from getting affected or injured. Each year huge number of police officers are getting injured due to the public protest and communal clash so, it becomes very important and essential thing for the national police association to take necessary action in protecting the police officers from these fighting and fleeing. This announcement from the national police association asking for the public to help the police officers has created a huge difference in their activities. This association has made the public to reduce their misbehaviour and made them not to do such kind of fighting action against the police force.

having the public support – Police Association

Need of forming the national police association

  • The PSA has conducted the education campaign in order to eliminate the police use of the force not take the action against the public as huge number of public and police officer are getting wounded and injured in the clash.
  • As a result of this huge police officers have died some have got injured so it becomes a serious issue in the national police association to protect the police officer from these kinds of severe clashes.
  • This police force association informed the citizens of both member of the public and police officer to prevent from the risk of getting injured in the clash and on protest fighting.

The police association campaign has announced the public to help the police officer from getting affected or injured in the protest and other kinds of clashes. The main motive of the national police association is to encourage the police officer and public gains more news on local and national level coverage in protecting themselves in the clashes and encounter. Always ensure that you are not hurting the police officers in the protest also find that you are taking these actions in lawful way so that police force will not be taking any charges on you.

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