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Alexei Orlov is the founder of the mtm choice and is the global CEO worldwide. He worked for around 20 years in global marketing and leadership industries of international business, and then he started his business in the year 2017. The company has its offices worldwide, like London, New York, Los Angeles, and even in Milan. The company has a specialist network with a team of skilled professionals to provide highly precise brand activation and media optimization to clients.


Alexei Orlov is a specialist in creating strategies over global brands, managing operational changes, and even deployed in the Market. He is the most successful in the global market as a seasoned leader. Technologies like market enabling benefitted his business a lot. It has been regularly working on different acquisitions since the business was started. The company, mtm choice worldwide, acquired two companies in 2018, raised around 30 million dollars, and is currently looking for more acquisitions. The company is currently developing three unique service capability platforms, and the company is providing its services to more than 150 local and international clients.

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Companies he worked with

Alexei Orlov used to work at DAS, Omnicom groups international division as the senior advisor of the CEO and Chairman of the company before starting his own company. He also used to handle the global marketing and brand positioning of Volkswagen in greater China and ASEAN. Alexei Orlov also worked as companies core executive team on Volkswagen commercials and made it excellent in the Market. He also used to be the global brand communications director at Volvo cars. He was a marketing director for Volvo UK and made it the second-largest sales company during his working period of Volvo’s entire corporation. He also owned companies that used to deal in brand strategies named MCW and ROCQM. He even worked at Avon, where he was appointed as youngest director for Avon cosmetics retail Europe. Orlov was also a founding member of the paperchase retail group, where he began to grew his interest in branding and communication. He is also interested in operational leadership powered by some teams that dynamic and really happy with branding and communication.

Alexei Orlov worked in so many different positions that he even received many important awards and one such award is by World brand congress for CMO of the year. Alexei Orlov is currently the most trusted advisor in his company Mtm choice worldwide, who advises different companies in the world on different matters.

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