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There is so much you want to do in the Pokemon Go, if you are not very sure where you must begin or you want any help with any particular aspect of this game then you are at a right place. At https://pokemongoaccshop.com/, you will find complete Pokemon Go guide that covers everything from complete Pokedex & other shiny Pokemon to Team Rocket, trading, raids, and more. Let us start.

Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks

Suppose you would like to be the best, like nobody was, you must take a few pointers from the experts in this field. We have put several hours to get you some essential tips on Pokemon Go that you want to know and help you to catch them.

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Pokemon Go Trading

An ability of trading Pokemon is requested as this game was launched first that is not very surprising as it has been the best feature of series since Gameboy originals. Good news is Pokemon Go trading now is possible; however, you will have to meet some criteria before starting to swap Pokemon with the pals, thus check out the guide for more details.

Community Day

In each month, there is the designated Community Day in Pokemon Go where the specific Pokemon may appear with high increased frequency for the set 3 hour period. Keep on checking our updated guide and find which Pokemon can feature, the date and time they will appear, tips for what items to bring to have the right chances to capture success.

Field Research

Each month, there are many Field Research tasks accessible that are generally quests you get by spinning the Poke Stops. So, by completing most of the tasks you will achieve the Research Breakthrough for encountering the legendary Pokemon, and we are updating Pokemon Go Field guide with the current tasks & rewards accessible.

Pokemon Go List

Catching the shiny Pokemon is one main highlight for the trainer as they are very rare, with just a one in over 450 chances that Pokemon you find will be shiny – if it has the shiny version, since not all do. Good and bad news (that depends upon how you exactly look on it) is there are more than 150 to find, thus check out the Pokemon Go list for everything you want to know. You can get complete information once you visit our website and make your account.

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