Did you know that there are different types of peanut butter?


Since the 1940s peanut butter has been the diet food of most people. It was invented by John Harvey Kellogg in the 1890s. It was then started commercially in the 1920s. The people loved peanut butter. Because it was also the main source of protein as the meat deficiencies during World War II. As of now, people are consuming about 700 million pounds of peanut butter each year. When you are always doing the groceries. You will see in the supermarket full shelves of peanut butter. You might wonder why there are different kinds of peanut butter. As you all know there are different brands of peanut butter. Which have different ways of creamiest and crunchiest kinds of peanut butter. Although there are three ways of making peanut butter.

The regular peanut butter

It is available in different brands. You need to have partially hydrogenated oil and sugar which will depend on every brand. Although the regular ones have sugar and oil. It will not separate like the other natural peanut butter. The regular ones have preservatives. You don’t have to refrigerate it after you open it. When you want a low or no sodium and the same with sugar. There are now brands that are making it.

The natural peanut butter

Having natural peanut butter is actually made of ground peanuts that have no oil, preservatives, or sugar. There are many people that want to have this type of peanut butter because it is natural. Although they are having problems with the natural oils that are showing at the top of the jar. Other people will transfer it from another jar to cover and keep it in the refrigerator. They will stir it until the oils are totally mixed on the peanut butter. After you open it is better to have it in a refrigerator to preserve it. As they don’t have any preservatives.

The organic peanut butter

There is organic peanut butter that has no sugar, preservatives, and sugar. Although you need to check its label to confirm. The meaning of organic is that peanuts are homely grown without the use of pesticides. But it is quite expensive than regular or natural peanut butter. A lot of people will go to the idea of getting pesticide-free. After you have opened the jar it is better to refrigerate it.

The no-stir peanut butter

There are peanut butter companies that make a no-stir peanut butter spread. But it is not allowed to put the name peanut butter on the container. It has refined palm oil which is not an allowed ingredient in peanut butter. You mostly see these products labeled in a peanut butter spread. The use of palm oil was known a few years back as an additive. When you mix palm oil in the peanut butter you need to be at a balanced room temperature.

When you agree that the peanut butter needs to be made out of simple peanuts. Before you are having a hard time picking the right peanut butter. But now there are a lot of choices that you can choose from. You can now have natural and organic peanut butter at the groceries. Speaking of healthy peanut butter. There is an almond butter spread Australia that gives you the natural effects of peanut butter.

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