What is BBG workout all about?


 Bikini Body Guide or BBG workout as it is popularly called is a guide that uses fitness plans along with nutritional plans to transform the bodies of women significantly due to weight loss that is often dramatic. The program has been designed by the Australian trainer Kayla Itsines who has brought about a kind of revolution in the world of fitness. Kayla is also an Instagram star and has a beeline of loyal clients who are already obsessed with her fitness program. The nutritional and fitness plan spans over a period of 12 weeks and can be easily followed either in the gym or at home.

What does a BBG workout involve?

The Bikini Body Guide program involves doing an intense workout for 28 minutes and three days a week. It involves focusing on different groups of muscles from arms and abs, legs to full body on different days of the week. What makes the program highly effective is that it is an incredible combination of cardio and weight training and you will experience different moves like burpees, planks, push-ups, weighted squats, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. The meal plan included in the program helps the women to make much aware dietary choices that can fuel their body and keep them full of energy.

The program has been a very welcoming change for several of the newcomers since it is not only simple but can also be easily modified as per the requirements of an individual. Kayla believes and affirms that the program is more about how one feels and not about how one looks. There are several factors related to the program that make it more effective like having a BBG community is much more motivational and inspirational and keeps you going, something that you will not find easily in other fitness programs.

There are several ways to be a part of this fitness program. You can choose to download BBG PDFs or use the popular application by Kayla called ‘Sweat with Kayla’. The application has the workout program presented in a streamlined manner, has a LISS (Low-intensity sustained state) tracker and shows an individual his or her guided recovery as well. As a part of the nutritional plan of the program, the women can also get different recipes, on-the-go grocery list and much more that helps them to make an informed choice.


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