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Kayla itsines is the founder of BBG group. She is a professional trainer. She worked as a fitness trainer at gym for women. She identified the problem of her clients with regular workouts. After doing a research and interviewing her clients she came up with a fun filled workouts. She used to change her workouts so that the clients would not get bored of their routine workouts. After few days she authored a book called BBG workouts. This earned a lot of craze among women especially 25 to 40 years. She also started an Instagram profile and started BBG community. Now her profile earned lot of followers over social media. Now she launched an app called “sweat with Kayla “.  This is one of the most downloaded app and earned a lot of bucks.Her first book is for 12 weeks. Now she also released a book for 13 to 24 weeks and he is planning to release the 3rd version. She also authored a book H.E.L.P which guides on nutritional food habits. The Kayla Itsines Reviewgives an insight into how it works.

A look at User Reviews

I am mother of two kids. After the birth of second child I put on weight and had no time to go to gym and do workouts.  One day my friend talked about kayla itsines profile getting popular on instagram. Having a thought I searched for it. While reading it sounded interesting. Then I bought the book and registered in BBG community. It is a 12 week program. At first my objective is to lose weight but by the end I got my shape back which is amazing. Now I want to start the second routine for making this shape  perfect.

Hi, as a graduate, I gained lot of weight due to my food habits. I look more than my age. All my friends used to tease me. Tried various workouts at gym. But the result is minimal. Though a lot of effort went on I do not see and big leap in my structure.When I am searching over the net I found about BBG community and got registered over it. Caring positive dreams in mind I started doing the workouts. I am halfway through and I can see the difference in my body. These are impressive and had fun by doing these workouts. You may read more Kayla Itsines Review here.

I am a mother of kid and nurse my mother who is paralyzed. I know that my body is getting distorted due to the pressures. Over the net I heard about kayla itsines BBG e-book and purchased it. Though it is little bit expensive it seems to be worthy. First I started but due to various pressures I am unable to complete it. After few days I made my mind and said to myself that this time I should do it. With this thought I moved forward and able to see the results. This time in my family picture I look more young and energetic than ever.

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