A glimpse over the services of SPS


SPS or Swiss Post solutions is one of the most innovative and exceptional postal service providers across the globe.The headquarters of the company is situated in Berne, SwitzerlandThe company is headed by a marketing team that very well caters to the needs of the client and aspires to deliver the best performance.  Today, the company has 6800 employees serving clients from across 15 countries. Out of these 6800 workers, approximately 2000 of them are from UK and Ireland.

Bringing together the digital and the physical world

The company is a document processing outsourcing firm that does the work physically and digitally also.  It caters to bridge the gap in the digital world by giving the latest and the best services to the client. The international client base trusts and relies on the SPS to envision, design the business structure and act as trusted business advisor in deciding up the location strategy of BPO, optimization of processes using the technology such as the Intelligent Automation system. The approach of the company is to work more towards the digital world work.

Services of the company

Here is a glimpse on the services of the company which is divided into various categories

  1. Document Management service-
  • Mailroom Services- mailroom services from SPSs help the client companies in cutting down on their administrative costs, increased flexibility and improvised customer services.
  • Document processing services- the company optimizes the documents of the clients based on different business processessince they are the core of business like customer management, marketing and finance.
  • Output management service- this department monitors and manages the physical as well as the digital channels in how the clients are communicating with their customers

  1. Business Processing Services-
  • Accounts Payable Automation- the company provides the full BPO Account payable service ranging from the end to end ownership to receiving the invoice via payment.
  • Account receivable automation- SPS provides with real time insight into the accounts receivable department. The staff uses the intelligent based decision making which reduces the costs and also improvises the financial performance.
  • Insurance claim automation- the ability of the company to settle with the insurance claims is very crucial for the success of the company as well as customer satisfaction.
  • HR document processing- reliable solutions are provided by the company as far as the HR based document management is concerned. The use of latest and the best mode of technology is used by the company.
  • Customer sales support- the staff analyzes all of its services given to the clients and are always open for complaints and other customer care support.
    1. Intelligent Automation-

this intelligent automation service allows the company to achieve robust performance in the business processes by leveraging the Robotic Automation of all the processes.  

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