African Fashion Trend – The Reflection Of African Culture


African is one of the country that has still kept its culture awakened in the form of clothing with its printing and fabric that is considerably colorful and has the images and pictures of the natural beauty and culture of the African society and tradition. These are specially designed with natural fabrics like that of cotton, silk and even with some artificially developed fabrics like polyesters and other synthetic fibers.

These printing are block prints that are not hand stitched, they are printed and there are some kinds of designer dresses which are hand stitched. Most significant of about the African fashion trends are handmade and are done on sewing machines rather than on the machines. Even there are dresses that are designed with bamboos and skin of trees is even added to the dresses in some of the kinds to add up a fashion.

African Fashion Trend

The fashion trend of South Africa:

South Africa is quite developed with its cultural and traditional aspect that is reflected with the style and fashion statement of the people and the fashion designers. It is considered as the fifth largest employment sector in the country as because of its rich heritage that is appreciated by all across the globe. These African fashions have gained international recognition across the globe for their fashion trend and have most acclaimed fashion designing houses.

These dresses are appreciated and approached for fashionable expressions with their simplicity of form and unapologetic, sensuality of curve hugging gowns. Such formals are significant combinations with his philosophy with regards to the use of progressive, non animal product materials. The African designed clothes are simple and have resembles the basic design of culture and heritage of the African country.

Designs of African fashion trend: 

As the African fashion trend is completely traditional, and is quite acceptable worldwide, it is due to the design of the natural beauty, the wild life, the flora and the fauna, which describes the African life style and is quite elegant and colorful. The colors are not only in single, there are blends of beautiful colors that give a cool look to the people who wear them and not only the fashion is reflected with the clothes.

But there are even extra accessories like the foot wear, the bandanas, hats, jewelries and many more, there are jewelries like the bangles, necklaces and earrings made with the stones and carved with wood. The shoes are been made with bamboos, leather and other substitutes and have been worn as a contemporary look provider that are even casual and cool. The trends of Africa are quite fashionable and are even appreciable in the global fashion industry.


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