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We all know that planet earth is facing some serious threats in the form of ecological issues like air pollution, global warming, ground water depletion, overpopulation, plastic pollution, ozone layer depletion and the list can go on. While there are a few who are completely unaware of this serious threat heading towards us, there are others who are aware but have no interest in making a positive change for it and there are still others who are doing every bit to make the smallest change possible and save the planet earth. Whatever category you belong to, our quiz questions and answers in the article following ahead will leave you much more aware and educated about the ecological issues that need our attention at the earliest.

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Ecological quiz questions and answers

Question 1: In the year 2012, WHO or World Health Organization had made an estimate that most of the premature deaths that happened due to the air pollution were due to

Answer 1: Heart diseases and stroke

Note: It was found that 72% of the premature deaths happened due to heart diseases and cases of stroke.

Question 2: We all know that the industrial revolution has been found to be responsible for several environmental issues that our planet is facing today. When did this industrial revolution happen?

Answer 2: 1760 to 1820

Question 3: What percentages of plastics that are used are also recycled?

Answer 3: Only 6% (shockingly!)

Question 4: Is it true or false that more deaths per annum happen due to outdoor air pollution than the indoor air pollution.

Answer 4: False

Note: Shocking but true, indoor air pollution causes more deaths per annum.

Question 5: Is CO2 the symbol of Carbon Monoxide?

Answer 5: False, it is the symbol for Carbon Dioxide

Question 6: By 2050, how many billions is the human global population expected to be?

Answer 6: 9 Billion

Question 7: Approximately what percentage of global population lives in an environment of air pollution?

Answer 7: Approximately 90% (shocking again!)

Question 8: Air pollution can be caused by solids, liquids, gases or all of them?

Answer 8: All of them

Question 9: What percentage of food production relies on ground water globally?

Answer 9: 40%

Question 10: According to the scientists, how many mass extinction events has the earth seen already?

Answer 10: 5

Note: According to this, the current decline that is visible is referred to as the 6th mass extinction.

Hope these questions and answers are instrumental in making you aware about the condition of our planet.

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