Wheat Penny: Most Popular Coin Collectibles For Collectors


Coin collection is a big hobby for many. There are many people out there who like to spend their time collecting coins which have big values on them. One such popular coin category is a wheat penny. These are Lincoln pennies and are considered one of the most popular choices among the coin collectors. The value of the coins depends on the historical events it passed through like the war, social outcry and various other natural impacts. Wheat pennies also have varying value depending on the material used, minting conditions, development and production etc.

The history behind wheat penny

26th president of USA, Theodore Roosevelt, wanted to honour 16th president of the USA and his idol Abraham Lincoln on his birthday. That is why in 1908, Roosevelt reached out to Victor David Brenner, the well known Lithuanian medalist for creating the coin. This became the 1st coin in which there was the image of Lincoln, and was circulated regularly in the country. The coins also have VBD initials printed on it along with the image of the wheat stalks, thus called wheat penny.

Valuable wheat pennies

There are two types of coins which are called to be the most valuable when it comes to these pennies.

1921 silver dollar

  1. 1943 copper penny: When in 1943, the copper was highly demanded in the war. Due to which the copper was sent in the war and the coins were decided to be made of steel. But when the minting machines where getting fitted for steel coins, there were copper blanks which caused the production of copper coins. These coins are highly valuable and hold major importance for the coin collectors.
  1. 1944 steel penny: When in 1944, the coin minting press machine the coin making process was shifting from using steel to copper. There were steel blanks in the machine, which resulted in the production of 40 coins of these types. These steel pennies are highly valuable.

Another category that many tend to interested in is Lincoln cents. In 1959, the image of the wheat stalks on the coin was removed. Instead of wheat stalks, the reverse of the coin has the Lincoln memorial on it. Thus the penny became totally dedicated to the Abraham Lincoln.

All in all, Lincoln penny and cents are called to be one of the most precious and easily collected coins for the coins collectors out in the world.

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