Best weed strains of 2021


Weed is increasingly becoming legal and now there are lots of new strains that are entering the market. West coast is considered to be the leading place where there are ganja growers, breeders, and distributors. With the expansion of this industry, few strains have gained a lot of popularity. The latest ones are Soul Diesel, OG Kush, ZaZa, Blueberry, and others. For those who are looking to smoke, here we bring to them the latest weed strains to check out.


  1. Bananas and apples: these are the hottest strains of cannabis on the market. This brand is leading the rest and it has standard-setting strains. The strain Apples and Bananas has been released by Cookies’ and is a super hit. Compound Genetics is the brand that is breeding it and it has a shiny purple tint. The taste is like a sweet fruit along with a strong fuel finish.
  2. Cali Berry: Apple Fritter strain of Lumpy’s Flower has become a lot popular in the market. But NorCal’s Cali Berry strain has led to a lot of revolution in the market. This is an energetic smoke and has the smell of grape candy.
  3. Cassis: Champelli is a famous distributor and cultivator of cannabis in the Bay area. He was in jail for some years and now he has created Cassis which is a high powerhouse of THC. It creates a balanced fuel, funk, and fruit for the nose and tongue.
  4. Horchata: Horchata is a weed strain that you should choose if you are looking for a new Gelato based strain. This is a cross strain created from Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato. It is creamy and smooth,and it has a high percentage of THC. It is promoted by top brands such as Backpackboyz and Dubz Garden.
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