Brand activation expertise of Alexei Orlov lies in the acquiring and the building


Alexei Orlov considered that he was going to be the priest who is the religious leader in the church. His role in the spiritual journeys is really huge and he spent a lot of time in the spiritual training. The priesthood provides him the special tools to deal with the raised leadership situations. The specialists in the international marketing believe this education was the best primer for the career Alexei was meant to look for.

How he learns to build a brand?

Even though he resides as the spiritual leader in the church, Alexei Orlov believes that he founds his biggest reach and success even in the business world. The first job he is entering was in the merchandising field. In this job, he learnt various new things to develop and also exercise his creativity and simultaneously getting more valuable business skills. Along with sizing and packaging, he also had the best opportunity to learn all about working and color within the team. In the entire business world of merchandising, Orlov was also allowed to engage in the business operational side as much as he was entailed in the inspired movement. From the onset of his adventures in this business world, he select to retain the same job titles which developed mature thoughts around all features of the business settings. Engaging in the operational and creative business moments early on, allowed Alexei to grow as the commercial leader in all pursuits. At the same time, he quickly turned such leadership roles into the highly industrial pursuit by challenging himself to construct the business of his own.

Global Brand Strategist

The art of Alexei Orlov’s acquisition:

  • You can count MCW and ROCQM as the first of the businesses built by Alexei Orlov from the ground up.
  • This company actually specialized in the brand strategy and commercial recovery.
  • It got the greatest success which he sold it as quick as possible to WPP at the huge profits.
  • In a very shorter period of time and beyond the WPP’s acquisition of his initial commercial attempt, he concentrated on the different types of the leadership roles with the WPP and Wunderman.

This acquisition of the WPP should have created the very big impact on Alexei in such first years as this kind of the business model started to find him. He also held several other global leadership positions with the top companies like Omnicom Group & worked with the leading brands from Volkswagen to Avon.

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