Car Servicing: Treatment Of The Car


Buying a car is not easy. It comes with many responsibilities and duties. One such responsibility is that car servicing. Servicing of a car is just like taking care of a child after it is born. You need to constantly check the car and take it to the service center. If proper servicing or maintenance is done, few years old cars may just look like a brand new car. On the other hand, lack of proper maintenance of a one-year-old car may look like a car which is a decade older.

Interim Service

Interim Service is for those cars or vehicles which cover more than 20,000 miles or more in a calendar year. These cars need to be serviced at least twice a year. Interim Service usually includes some basic maintenance of the vehicle. These may include wear and tear of various parts of the vehicle, the headlights, the bunkers and all those type types of repair.

Interim service also includes a change of oil, coolant, brakes, steering if requirement arises. Interim Service varies from one garage to other. The methods may be the same or different but the end result is necessarily the same. If there are minor problems in your car, you can go for interim service. Moreover, if you take your car for servicing at least twice a year, interim service is what the mechanic will advise you to go for.

Full Service

Full Service is much more than just an interim service. In full service, the parts which are worn out are replaced by a new one. This service is ideal for those cars which are serviced only once a year. These cars have low annual mileages.

Full Service includes servicing of each and every part of the car starting from oil change to replacement of the exhaust system. During full service, the car goes through a complete overhaul. Moreover, the mechanic who is servicing may also take out your car for a drive so that he/she may be able to find out the fault if any.

If the problem in your car is very large or if you have hardly visited the service center in the previous one year or so, full service is what you should opt for. It is because replacement of the worn out parts may be required.


Servicing is very important for a car. It helps in keeping the car maintained as much as possible. Further, giving a car for servicing is better as it will be handled by an expert who has a sound knowledge about vehicles and can detect any defects that can arise during to mismanagement. Many used cars in Westfield requires services to keep the car in good health.

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